There is no greater priority than

the desires of She

Rising from the Covid Ashes

I have finally dusted off My keyboard and returned to My blog page to provide you all with a little update. Firstly, What a bloody year its been. I won't drag on because let's face it, W/we alll got our own accounts and experiences with what these long months have served U/us, however, I'm confident I speak on behalf of the majority when I say that W/we look forward to better times, soon!

With My newly gifted free time, I have been exploring My more creative side in the way of creating new clips for your purchasing pleasure. From the squelchy universe of rubber wellies right through to some good 'ole fashioned humiliation tasks! If anything, My sharp tongue continues to stay well practiced. See My latest visual treats here. Can't see your fetish? Bring your custom requests to Me. A lockdown highlight for Me was the influx of cuck-minded boys whose desire to be used over the Valentine's weekend was just all too great. You know who you are, may the humiliation continue to burn in your mind and flush your cheeks! And with My vaccination (1st dose down, 2nd in May) and the easing of restrictions, comes freedom to explore O/ourselves and the opportunity to finally serve once again, face to (My) feet. To finally return to My firm hand and bask in the overwhelming pleasure that is real time submission.

Those of you who follow Me will know I have started to cautiously open My diary once again. UK destinations are currently the only option however I do look to fly overseas once more when rulings allow. As it stands, I have a few dates in London followed by a trip up north to Newcastle. More details can be found on My home page, here. Mark My words when I say I am revved up and ready to take hold, bringing out the very best in you boys that have been a little quarantine-induced lull for all too long. Priority goes to the boys who still hold a booking with Me. W/we have unfinished business! Those familiar will know that this space is for Me to share My real time experiences however this gap in My kink CV will not hold Me back and It certainly won't be long until I'll have plenty of delicious accounts and anecdotes to share with you all once more. My journey into this scene has meant that online domination has always been My roots, and after the initial shock of lockdown, I was able to get back into toying with you virtually, I am very aware this has now lead a number of you rightly curious and wanting to finally meet in person and surely enough (your wallet allowing) that time will come. So to My newest foot-lovers, shopping slaves and humiliation junkies, I say.. "The end is nigh.' keep striving and serving and the pleasure will be yours (but predominately Mine) in abundance. Government reinstated freedoms also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate which again fills Me with excitement as I have many musing either scribbled down or on the notes in My phone which I wish to give life and energy to. My first being another latex shoot with an up and coming female fetish photographer (see image), who still currently wishes to remain nameless. I'm hoping to introduce to you all to Her later down the line. For those like-mind, fabulous Femmes who wish to content create together or if you're an especially well behaved sub who wants for nothing but to be a useful prop, do reach out and together let's leave 2020 for dust!

It feels fabulous to post once again but not as half as satisfying when I finally get a stiletto back in a sub's neck.

Stay well.

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