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Let's Talk About Findom: My Interview With

Let's talk about Findom. The most heard of? Most hated? Least understood? Partially curious? Whatever your stance on it, W/we can agree there is now no escaping it in the online kink world and what started as almost a hidden online community (not to mention the decades of practise before it even had a name and the internet was just bizarre concept) has now grown and established itself in mainstream media. Paywalling men is now common practice in ensuring a Woman's time and energy is appreciated. But what does Findom mean to Me, as someone who has seen is evolve along with the dynamic and standards of what it is to be financially dominated? I had the pleasure of speaking with creator of Mistress directory, Craig, who with open ears and an open mind approached Me to share My thoughts on the subject. Knowing that he was from a kink background himself I felt assured to have an open and frank discussion around the matter. No sensationalism, no spin. Just, Me, him and some questions that I'm sure have been on the minds of many a curious submissive. The time flew. Before I knew it, it was in the can and almost 2 hours had passed. Craig was very approachable and respectful and I trust he and his followers come away with a few more answers than they started with. Subjects covered included what actually is Findom, what does a session look like, the requirements of a financial submissive along with the dangers and ethics that surround the kink. Talk of scene, sisterhood and the influx of Findommes are all touched on too. In this video interview I share My own personal backstory, experiences, anecdotes and musings. Certain boys (who shall remain nameless) may recognise themselves in My tellings. I do not claim to be the first and last voice when it comes to the subject, however I bring My own personal thoughts and feelings to the table and those who hold a shared worldview on the subject can relate to the type of play and experiences I provide. So put the kettle on (the interview has been kindly skimmed down to a digestible 46 minutes!) sit back and enjoy. I trust it will bring some insight and further discussion to what is already a somewhat controversial topic. And my last note goes to the boys, who without them, I would not have the developed toolkit and experiences I have today, It was was an absolute pleasure to drain (almost) each and every one of you. To those who feel curious and would like to bring a new, deeper element to their service, approach accordingly (I even explain how in the clip!)

See below or watch the full clip, Here.

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