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An Open Letter To The Boys of 2018

How oh how can it almost be 2019 already? So here W/we are again, looking back on a what is a never a dull day in this FemDom life. As always, there are a select few who have played their part in trials and tribulations of this lifestyle. Some who have either received a pat on the head, virtual or real and well those who I’d happily leave neglected and rotting away on the peripherals of the scene, where they can no longer bother another Woman again.

Firstly, ben (@loserboygimp). Do you have any idea how easy it is to humiliate you? Honestly, the insults just write themselves. I also take such joy in all the degrading scenarios I’ve placed you in. It is a genuine pleasure to put you in your place and you can’t deny how well W/we just click when I get to unleash all that meanness that I save up for you. That calculated meanness you’re so grateful for. Look how much I’ve pushed you this year, topping off this year with you now becoming a dirty, little cocksucker. I take your deprived little fantasises and I make them oh so real. You’re welcome. Look forward to plenty more filth and degradation in 2019, and wet your lips next time…

Next, Andrew (was ‘Zombie’ now ‘@ServantForShe.’ The year started out so sweetly, being able to continue indulging yourself in real time sessions and purchasing Me more of those pretty red soles. But life has seemed to have got in the way and I’m just not high enough up that priority list, am I? what was once your collar is now back with Me and you won’t be having it back ‘til you prove yourself again either. Forgetting Me this Christmas time wasn’t a wise move either. TTFN.

Clurkee, I managed to snare and drop you all in 12 short little months. Shame really, as you started out showing so much potential. I did enjoy the overnight session, where you flew your clueless girlfriend out of the country & I made you a bitch in your own Canada Water apartment. But having to repeat Myself wears thin very quickly and I am always better than that, so goodbye. Take the advice I left you with and I’m sure someone will tolerate you.

Now here’s a new boy who’s pleasantly surprised Me. Discovered Me whilst exploring the cesspool that is, he instantly followed protocol and put his trust in Me and My decisions. A boy of the cloth, I would have never had expected such a devout little Christian boy, on his knees, below Me, kissing My Louboutin boots in the Private Members’ Club. Very satisfying though. Well-mannered and with an abundance of initiative, I can see you’re genuinely eager to please & I like that. Oh, and thank you for being My stunt cock, I’m sure ben will be aching to get his lips back on you again soon, just be sure to repent the following day. See you in March.

Whilst on the subject of new boys, I feel 2019 is a year a certain leather-loving boy is looking forward to. My red leather skirt caught his eye as I strolled past him at a NFL game at Wembely back in October. Realising that he already followed Me on twitter, he plucked up the courage to DM Me and make My day out a lot more profitable. Our leather worship session blew his mind and what’s left of it he now uses to calculate all the funds he can scrape together to see Me again. Happy New Year, jack (@slavejack) Me and My leather-clad curves will see you again, real soon…

Respectfulsub (@respectfulsub01), another year passed and what an eventful year it’s been for your vanilla life. I trust you gave thanks every day for how patient I’ve been with you. Fate has been a bitch, but those days have now passed, and you will be back to be Mine. The festive period has been a warm reminder of just how good it feels to be used by Me and whoever else I decide to pass you around to. 2019 is the year you are finally able to get back into routine servitude. As you know, next year is about quality over quantity and congrats, you’ve made the cut. I look forward to fucking with you like I did in years gone by. Wish I could bottle your determination and spike all My friend’s subs’ drinks with it.

A quick nod to My NYC boy, Michael. Although I wasn’t able to see you this year, I will make up for it when I get you to Myself in February. Until then, keep sending those sweet little tributes I love and buying up all My tantalising clips. See you very soon.

Now, Jamie (@jamiegirl38) you silly, silly sissy. I also took your collar back this year and its only taken to the end of this year to see that I was right to. What is it that fogs your little femmeboi mind from My very clear and achievable instructions?! If you don’t like being used then stay away from Me, but you can’t, can you! You love being a sweet, good and useful little lady don’t you?! Recent months prove that and I’m happy to keep taking again and again and again. I look forward to just how weak you fall in 2019.

Brian. Oh Brian, you’ve fucked up, baby boy. I know you’ll be reading this so don’t act surprised when you come crawling back for another custom clip and they now cost you £500 a pop as punishment. If only you kept to your promises, but whatever, My customs have you losing your mind within seconds, you’ll always pay the price I demand. Next year will be no different.

I cannot sign off without acknowledgements to Pet The Chef (@Pet_The_Chef) for playing a wonderful paygig in My video project with Duke (@filmedbyduke). Also, My lovely footboys, Phil, Chris and the other fans who keep Me coming back to London Foot Party, month after month.

And that concludes this year’s winners and losers.

Next year will be an incredibly busy one and I start to juggle more (vanilla) balls than ever, but I those who are committed, selfless and sincere will continue to reap the rewards. Those who yearn to be a part of My life will always find a way.

Here’s to another fabulous FemDom-fuelled year! Cheers!


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