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Percentages and Perceptions

Mistress knows best.

So, this blog post has stemmed from a couple of sessions recently. One online with one of My regular ‘drop & hide’ boys as I like to call them. The session consists of him waiting approximately 9 months- 1 year, drops over £1000 whilst talking to Me on kik messenger for a about an hour then radio silence for another year until he returns to do it all over again. I know nothing but his name, barely anything about his profession, earnings or status. W/we never actually use the word ‘findom.’ But it’s clear W/we are both enjoying it and at the end he thanks Me and says he’s sure “he’ll see Me again soon.”

Now, question: is that Findom?

Some of you would say ‘bloody hell, dropping A GRAND like that? Err, yes!’ whilst our deeper thinkers may add to this by wanting to know, how much does he earn?

The other week I had a session in Mayfair. The boy was a property developer, charming and obviously had done well for himself. New to kink play but had a shopping list of humiliating scenarios he wanted to live out, one being findom: face sitting whilst I went online shopping. I actually felt excited to turn up and see how this played out. I also had the pleasure of pinging My own session rate (plus a little extra, of course) to Myself via his banking app. It was then I saw he just casually had quarter of a million just sitting in his current accounts. After plenty of soul-crushing verbal humiliation and forced foot worship courtesy of Moi I took hold of his Amex and started the real fun. -click, Patent Tribute Sandals- click, ‘Purchase Now' – “Wait!”

“How much are they?” I heard a voice peep out from under My ass.


“Oh I’m not comfortable with that.”

The next day I asked Siri what 700 over 250,000 is as a percentage. 0.28%. Not even 1 percent. I took a screenshot & sent this frank mathematical outcome to our Mayfair boy where he apologised for not “meeting My expectations.” But the burning question is “what WAS he expecting? I put it to him.

It turns out the Findom part of his fantasy was Me shopping to the tune of an extra £200.

Now, you can say that Financial Domination is subjective and its more about the control element blah blah blah…

No. It’s a numbers game. And those numbers are downright insulting.

I explained to him that £400 to one boy is small change where to another it would feel like a sucker punch. The reason I gather as much background information on these boys that if they do ask for Findom then it’s done right, by MY standards. In My many years I have made so many boys hurt so sweetly, and just enough for them to return all over again.

But I will not ever let any boy who deals with me to think that this watered-down Costa coffee-paying version of findom is acceptable.

Only recently, I had to punish an owned boy for his tight-arsed mindset, with a fine, of course. Another boy who’s currently working for My approval quickly saw the error in his ways after telling Me he couldn’t tribute on payday as he had ‘bills to pay.’

he’s now selling possessions and cancelling subscriptions as you read this.

Is it stupidity? Complacency? Or are boys just seeing pissy examples of the #findom hashtag and wanting in on the excellent ROI?

Either way, whatever your expectations, bin them. Leave the assessments and standards setting to Me and know that all you need to do is respond “Yes Mistress.”


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