There is no greater priority than

the desires of She

Mark My Words

So today I’m feeling compelled to write after what has been an insightful couple of weeks since My birthday.

Birthdays. A day where We mark becoming a year older and as an owned piece of property, the most important day on your calendar. This isn’t Christmas, this isn’t Valentines, this isn’t having to make an apology of the highest degree. This is an exclusive day dedicated to your owner. A day purely about Her.

Now, whether you are doing financially well for yourself or not, I always provide plenty of notice to this upcoming special day. Why is that? Is that just so I can spam my own feed like a NYE countdown? No. It’s so boys can organise & prepare themselves to make their best ever effort for their Owner’s best day because what I do is personal. If you’re Owned then is becomes personal. So if you then let Me down on My special day, I’m going to take it personal-y.

What starts as a fantasy becomes a lifestyle once owned, which means this has an impact on daily life. You must be prepared to alter yourself for this. Becoming owned by Me, a financial Dominant means you must be mindful of Me at all times, because you are managing money at all times. As if I was watching over you and breathing down your neck at all times. As if I was staring you down every time you pulled out your wallet. Ownership is a 24-hour mindset. I know very well a large portion of servitude is what goes on ‘behind the scenes,’ that leads up the moment the where you hand Me the cash or send Me the gift.

As My property, I’m always reading you. What makes you tick, your habits and how hard I’ve pushed you. Consider My birthday as the day I push you the most.

When I tell you subs what I want, I will tell you only once. Having to remind you or push home the message is a waste of My time & energy. What I say, I mean and will expect, so if there’s ever an issue you must speak up immediately. Relationships involve communication and I expect exactly that from you. I will never set you up to fail, not speaking up only fails yourself, so mark My words.

Why do many slip up on this? Do boys just not take words seriously anymore? Too much of a fantasist? Have words lost value in the digital age?

Whatever the reason, be aware that I won’t tolerate it. I pick My words carefully, they hold power & meaning.

Every relationship that ends is a lesson for B/both and I hope the recently dismissed will take away some important points regarding D/s, many of which are fundamentals to even the most basic of relationships.

So whether you’re here just to read My little rant or you’re an aspiring submissive looking to be taken under My watch. Learn to read, comprehend and take action.

That’s it.

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