There is no greater priority than

the desires of She

The Pleasure's all Mine.

So, the weekend just passed set the stage for Me to pay My new boy @CLurkee a visit. After his first ever meet and experience of submission, he was aching to return and explore some more but this time, a lot closer to home. Nothing gets you boys making arrangements like the promise of a long night of domination. My boy was busy doing exactly that. From making his apartment spotless, to reserving a table at the Shangri La to booking flight tickets for unwanted co-habitants to disappear for the weekend.

This was to be only his second time so understandably nervous. I loved the fact he was still so new to his submissive side and although apprehensive about some of the hints I dropped leading up to O/our meeting remained open and compliant to try.

Dinner 35 floors up was incredible, faultless service and the food was to die for. I was feeling especially kind and allowed him to order his own dishes on this occasion rather than denying him, after all, there was to be plenty of denying later that night.

Anyone looking in would have just assumed W/we were young lovers on a date as W/we ate, drank and laughed above the city lights of London.

Time simply melted away, and before you could say ‘Yes Mistress’ W/we were back in the living room of his Canary Warf apartment. Him, naked, on his knees, nose to the floor, palms up. Me, towering over him, in My boutique lingerie, Walford stockings and Valentino heels.

As his lips began to kiss the patent leather, you could see the instant arousal that shot through him. It was obvious. Too obvious. I had the Holy Trainer awaiting him. The threat of a cold shower was enough to make his lower body comply and ‘click’ he was snuggly locked. Satisfied with his new state of dress, I allowed him to proceed with his kisses up My body.

The next few moments were electric as I permitted him to work his lips up higher and higher. His kisses were so soft as he worked his way over My neck, the cold metal of the key around My neck and back down over the lace that covered My breasts. All the time, the pressure and discomfort of his cage was starting to make itself known.

This steep learning curve in chastity and denial was just starting its ascent, as I lead him to the foot of his couch by his collar and leash. I sat before him, resting My stilettos on his coffee table either side of his face. ‘Kiss Me,’ I instructed. He got to work. I’ve only received oral servitude from one other submissive and they were a woman. My little lurkee seized the moment as his mouth eagerly tried to work past the silk and lace barrier that kept him from the core of Me. I laughed, moaned and laid back as he frantically tried to utilise the only current free part of his body. In his lust, his hands reached round to My thighs and ass. He was quickly corrected as I pinned his palms flat to the cushions. “That’s enough’” I laughed as I stood up to see the drips leaving his cage.

Into the bedroom where I had the door cuffs jammed and awaiting him. I continued to laugh and tease as he remained held against his own door. I took Myself over to his bed, the fresh sheets of a king bed that hadn’t seen any female pleasure in a long time. I took out My vibrator and ran it over My body as I taunted him. helpless in his own home, all he could do was watch.

But that’s still far too much of a treat for someone so early in their service to Me, I clicked off the toy, reached for the blindfold and slid it over his face. Senses heightened, he hung off My every word and sound. I return to the bed, I ramp up the settings on My toy, brining me to climax. On the very bed he shares with his girlfriend. All My lurkee can do is listen.

I reveal the blindfold to draw his attention to the dampness on the fitted sheet. I release him from the cuffs and bring him over the patch. Pushing his face in the wetness, I command him to lick it up.

Back in the kitchen I wait for him to return, with the most pleasurable part of the evening. My tribute. Naked, he crawls on all fours across the hard floor. I pull him in closer by his leash and instruct him to count it out before Me. A beautiful mix of red and purple, his lays his promotion bonus in cute little piles of a hundred. “And what do you say…?”

“Thank You, Mistress”

I stroked his head. “This is your sex life now.” I confirm.

In the morning, I woke to tea in bed from My locked servant, a little tired and grouchy, it was clear the cage had kept him restless on the couch all night.

Upon leaving, I placed the keys on the coffee table and recommended he unlocked and get rested on My departure.

“Thank You for an incredible night,” he glowed as I stepped out the front door he held open for Me.

“Don’t forget to sort those.” I nodded My head towards his book shelves over his shoulder, where the photo frames of the happy couple remained face down. He blushed as I sashayed away and out of sight.

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