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An Open Letter to the boys of 2017

So 2017 is nearly through, and usually a time for reflection. This Mistress’ mindset is no different. Another year in the scene has brought its share of highs and lows, in which many of you boys played your part. So I conclude the last 12 months with an open letter to those who crossed My path on this ongoing journey that W/we call ‘FemDom.’

Firstly. ‘respectful’ (@RespectfulSub01) It’s lovely to have you back after your break from the scene, let’s face it, it will always be a part of you and to supress it only results in negative outlets. Although you’ve had more than your share of life’s financial shitstorms, I still always see your sincerity and selflessness as you remain to stay clear out of My way which allows the paying boys through. It is well cemented in you now that My time is precious, and you remain ever grateful for any of it I choose to share with you. W/we take ownership seriously and therefore have not rushed back to status however your loyalty still lays with Me and I’m confident you will still action yourself in a way that is evident to how much you value Me. As these little grey clouds W/we encounter in vanilla life pass, I look forward to getting you back on track to the fully devoted financial submissive that I know and love. Your efforts on your return have been noted and you should feel pleased with yourself. Fuel that drive and continue finding ways to pay Me what’s rightfully Mine.

And I may just persevere with training you to become the perfect domestic bitch…

Next up, a bitch that was loved and (potentially) lost. Cally. My sweet sissy bitch who just loved to give, give and give again ‘til the pre-payday pinch would leave her crippled. A pain she would so endearingly associate with her love for Me. That a life of sacrifice was the true modern-day slave life and one she was finally able to live. An unfortunate chain of events abruptly ended your service to Me but I have no doubt that you still watch from afar, thinking of alternative ways to send once again. Even if you’re unable to pay Me like that ATM you loved being, I truly hope you still find time to express your sissy side, dress up and enjoy feeling like a fabulous femme.

My next nod is to a boy I’ve been able to pull deeper into My grip and control this year, it’s you, andrew (@ZombieForShe) After O/our initial first session, with every custom dose I subscribe you, you become more and more drawn in, aching to be before Me once again. It came at a premium, didn’t it. You found a way, paid hard and your overnight session has left you rich in wonderful, sensual memories. Keep hold of these, andrew. Remember how good it feels to serve, give unreservedly and in the New Year I may reward you with another meet but this time at O/or favourite designer heel store. And once again W/we shall indulge in ‘O/our pleasure.’

Next is you, stephen. I know you’ll read this. Having started off so well in the summer of last year, it all went horribly wrong after I had an unfortunate night where I found Myself stranded in London. Not an overly large sum of money but I instructed you to reimburse a couple of tabs that I had been landed with in ensuring I made it home safely the following day. Poorly dealt with on your behalf. I’m only interested in boys that truly care for My welfare. I’m not a daughter ‘tapping’ their daddy up for cash. If you continue to ‘serve’ women in the scene, watch the way you talk to them and I hope she’s happy to stick to that unspoken budget in your head. Give My regards to Michelle.

Jamie girl! (@jamiegirl38) Yes, you, My bitch all those thousands of miles away in

Ohio. Own the cock and you own the bitch, right?! What a wonderful few months W/we’ve had as you explore your feminine ways and as you continue to serve and please your Superior owner. Your efforts in such a short period time have been noted and the package that is on it’s way to you will reflect that. Congratulations My bitch. I look forward to a new year of continuing to inspire and fine tuning you in to the lady you love to be. Keep striving hard for Me, I will look to get some more of your special locks sent out to you and I’ll enjoy extorting you in the process because W/we both know just how desperate you get when ‘clitty’ doesn’t get a release. Here’s to more femme fun and manipulation. Mwah!

Speaking of Ohio, evan! If this was a pantomime, the classic boos would be echoing this post as you read this. I still to this day don’t understand the mindset behind your underwhelming behaviour back in October. It could have been the most kinky session if you had only just behaved yourself. Had you already subliminally decided that the scene was no longer for you? If so, it’s a shame that the thoughts arrived after having already spent thousands and thousands just to be stood before Me. Oh well. It always makes for a funny story to share with My kink friends. In the future, stick to online dating, it costs less.

Brian, yes, you, the boy I charge £300 for what can be as little as 2 minutes on skype. You still know that’s worth every penny and that I deserve a medal for tolerating you for as long as I have. You know I continue to be a woman of My word. Keep that good behaviour on track, respect My time and I have no doubt that 2018 will bring more irresistible content you just can’t resist.

My London Foot Party boys! How could I forget?! Phil, Chris, Ray! Thank you for a great year and a big virtual kiss to those who also went on to session with Me privately. Always fabulous company and always welcome to come visit Me anytime. I’m so pleased My beautiful feet led us to meet and indulge in a year full of sole! Take care of yourselves and come what may over the next few months I still hope we can catch up and session. All the best.

ben. Oh quivering, conflicted little ben. How long have I known you? Once the original finsubs of the scene. Jeez I even once owned you, but I know better than that now. Silly little slut. All you’re good for is the occasional London cash meet which suits Me just fine. Pick up a bitch, use a bitch, drop a bitch. Merry Christmas, you daft loser. See you at an ATM next year.

Michael, all the way over in NYC, O/our encounter may have been brief but if every real-time session went smoothly as yours I’d quit My vanilla life and go full time Domme in the confidence that My life would be forever filled with punctual, polite and respectable boys such as yourself. I hope to be back that way in the new year, have that backside ready for Me. My spanking hand just got a lot twitchier.. Take care of yourself and see you soon.

And that concludes My round up the boys of 2017. Who will be part of My 2018? Now, I don’t have is a crystal ball but what I do have is high standards and expectations. In an age of instant gratification, be the boy who works hard for his Superior’s acknowledgement, grace and reward.

Do you have what it takes? Start your application with a tribute, here.

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