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NYC: The Good, The Bad & Well.... Evan

Firstly, I love New York. I love the vibe, I love the pace and bustle of it. I love their high standards and the level of service you get in city. Although England is My home, NYC will always have Me coming back time and time again.

So, the main occasion that brought Me to the Big Apple this year was a boy called evan. From Ohio, W/we met through NF and in no time he was keen to serve and impress. O/our conversation turned to the States and after a couple of weeks, was happily paying for My Premium flights to JFK. After some discussion, it was agreed that I wanted to enjoy some shopping to the tune of $3000, followed by dinner with My fellow Domme friend and then back to the hotel for some kinky play. I instructed evan to pick out a couple of places to dine in NY and I had the final say on the selection.

During the build up to O/our play date, I picked evan’s brains regarding his kinks and fantasises. He expressed his interests in chastity, humiliation & forced bi. With this in mind, I instructed evan that I would also want a cash sum handed to Me to which he agreed. I ran this past him on a couple of occasions to ensure there was a mutual understanding.

I had plans for this cash. Now I know, in NYC, it’s all about having connections and compensating those connections when You’re looking to get a job done. Little did evan know at the time that this money was to pay off another wonderful Domme friend who had a couple of Studs on standby for some surprise forced bi fun once back in the hotel room. But let’s rewind to the initial meeting of evan and I.

Uninterested, Underwhelmed and disengaged. No no, I’m not talking about Myself, this was evan’s attitude pretty much from start to end. From the laid back, over-familiar attitude and casual swearing to the fat shaming of a girl on the sidewalk W/we passed in a taxi, I was completely unimpressed. Even as I started to rack up thousands on his credit card, I genuinely felt bored and tired of his sheer lack of effort to serve, obey and impress Me.

Onto dinner where upon arrival I was greeted by the gorgeous Mistress Ultima looking refined as always. We made Our way into the Michelin starred restaurant with evan in toe. The food was incredible and the cocktails were delicious. The service was impeccable, and I was starting to feel that evan had done well to pick out somewhere with a bit of class. But that was soon forgotten as he continued to barely acknowledge Me and continued to swear in Our presence. I was keeping a tally at this point. He had reached 16. I started to decide how to punish him for these 16 offences for when W/we were back in the room.

Back to said hotel room, thirty minutes in, I was toying with evan whilst Ultima relaxed and continued private communications with Our impending surprise Stud. I placed chastised evan in some light Velcro style bondage on the floor and started to tease him with My vibrator. It was here I reminded him of the outstanding balance he was due to pay that night.

Evan switched.

He went from 0 to highly abrasive in a split second, breaking from his restraints, to briefly stand up to Me and then continue his protest whilst sat on the end of the bed. He continued to bark back at Me accusing Me of orchestrating a ‘shakedown.’ He whined about having spent $500 on dinner and a further $2900 on shopping as if to validate why I wasn’t entitled to anymore cash.

Now, I won’t argue or justify Myself for money. I have too much self-respect for that. What I will do though is shut down the whole session, pack My things and walk out. As I put on My boots I kindly asked Ultima to cancel the ‘surprise’ that was currently on his way to evan, took My shopping and left the door to slam on a naked, huffy, man-child.

After sitting down with a calculator, I worked out that after blowing over $5300 just to be in My presence for an evening, why (WHY?!) would you pull such a stunt to quite frankly ruin the session W/we’d been building up to for months? What’s another $700 after all that..?

Now, let’s reflect on some positives.

Michael, a man from Long Island was a pleasure to have around. Visited Me for only an hour of CP but was nothing but polite obedience with a smile. Greeting Me with Rose champagne, the session was a fun, sensual, sixty-something minutes exploration of pain and limits. W/we both left feeling wonderful and he had nothing but praise for Me. It was fabulous to fulfil his fantasy of enduring the crop of a strict English Mistress. These are the males that make the scene a pleasure to be in and would happily see him again on My returning visit.

Other highlights included some excellent dining with wonderful company at BLT Steak, Tao Downtown & Balthazar. I also decided to put My freshly Louboutin-booted foot down on My sissy, Jamie and extended her chastity ‘til My newly acquired red sole receipt of $975 was settled. She’s still scrimping as I type this to earn her release. It will be a challenge for her but her obedience and discipline makes Me so happy. Again, a pleasure to have in My exclusive circle, she will be only one of two slaves who can say they’ve bought Me a pair of Loubs.

So after a week of living like a New Yorker, of gym, lunch dates, dinners, shopping & kink I am back in ‘Old Blighty’ to My man who had missed Me greatly.

Like all experiences, I’ve taken away some interesting lessons in lesser sex and some funny anecdotes to share with My partners in kink and perhaps a few trusted vanillas too.

Will I return to NYC? Highly likely. Whenever I return home, I always feel like I’ve barely scratch the surface of the city and what it has to offer.

So, watch this space.

If you think you deserve to serve then apply like every other aspiring boy via My Apply page and prepare to fly Me out to the city that never sleeps.

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