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'Sharing is caring' & the lock you should keep wearing.

Its nearly been a whole week since My last trip to London, where I got to spend some well overdue time with My fellow Domme friends, Madame Lisa & Madame G. Firstly, I had the most wonderful dinner at Sketch in Mayfair with Madame Lisa and a couple of Her vanilla friends. As always, the conversation steers towards kinks and the and the occupational ‘weirdness’ We experience on the daily. I went on to discuss the current boys I had in chastity where I was abruptly stopped. ‘What’s chastity?!’ One of the ladies asked as We sipped Our cocktails. Lisa and I looked at one another before laying down the fundamentals of locking up men, how to do it and how to make it work in Our favour. Their jaws were on the floor. Instead of leaving the topic there, I seized this as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate chastity in action. Reaching for My kik messenger on My phone, I summoned evan to declare his current locked state by form of selfie. It took all a few of minutes until the ladies were crying out in a mixture of astonishment & laugher. Their minds were truly blown over their Martinis. Later, evan thanked Me for sharing the image around the table with the Ladies. I sense this bitch is a bit of an exhibitionist.

Back to the hotel to slip in My latex and head out to Torture Garden with Madame Lisa, Madame G, Her husband and Her sissy, alice. I’ve been to several fetish events in the past but this was My first time at TG. Always rumoured to have been a ‘fancy dress dance party’ I was actually pleasantly surprised by how open, relaxed and sociable the event was. Lisa and I of course were regularly approached by many boys, all vying for Our attention. Many fell silent upon receiving the news of My main fetish being cash. Only a few stayed long enough to learn more, only one had the selflessness to spend the main duration of the night ensuring Lisa & I remained well hydrated throughout the night.

That evening, Madame G was also kind enough to share Her toys with Me in the form of sissy alice. Madame Lisa and I were more than happy to babysit whilst Mademe G and Her husband went exploring The Couples Room (and each other.) The leash was handed over to Me and We parted towards the spanking bench. I took great pleasure and responsibility in holding down alice on the bench by her chain whilst Madame Lisa rolled back her PVC dress to expose her black panties. I would taunt, tease, laugh and listen whilst Lisa flicked the flogger. Quite the audience gathered as alice moaned, squirmed and thanked Us for Our control. After many stings of the flogger mixed with some slaps of Lisa’s firm hand, We moved onto the paddle which echoed with every whack. I shared many smiles and laughs with the viewing masses as I continued to verbally humiliate and lull alice deeper into subspace. I called time and Lisa ceased inflicting. A wonderful time had by all. But the fun wasn’t over for alice just yet..

As Madame took some time out, I led alice on a search for her Owner, to The Couples Room. As W/we entered, the echoes of gasps and moans bounced around the dark hidey holes and black drapes of the pleasure room. As the name implies, the room held a strict ‘couples only’ policy, which must be proved by kissing your partner before entering. I grabbed the bitch, pulled her towards Me by her chain and planted a forcefull kiss on her, My teeth, catching and biting her lip. I grinned, alice flustered. Approved, W/we proceeded in. A labyrinth of blackness, with the occasional discovery of couples and groups all enjoying pleasures of the flesh. Hands, lips, breasts, legs all intertwined. Exhibitionists getting high from their audiences. Voyeurs, pleasuring their own, aroused & mesmerised.

To the main spotlighted area, I turned and lifted alice’s dress to expose the securely locked device that kept her so restrained. “Look at you” I laughed as I made a direct comparison to her locked piece surrounded by all the free-flowing intercourse. “THIS is your sex life.”

It was that moment beyond the bodies on the main bed, in a dark little corner where the spotlight failed to reach, was Madame G, on Her knees, pleasuring Her husband. “Oh look, alice, there She is,” as I subtly pointed out her Owners enjoying one another.” I’m sure her cage became a little tighter at that point as she watched her Mistress who she’s so devoted to, enjoying Her man.

We left the room, shortly followed by Madame G and Her husband to which a return her to her owners. Thank You to Madame G for sharing your bitch. I enjoyed Myself.

Now, back to evan. This new boy over the pond who is in dire need of getting back into chastity discipline, has started being under My control via the single use lock I provided him along with soiled panties from that night at the wedding reception. After all of of 2 days, he was asking to realease which I laughed and quickly shut down. One issue that was occurring though was that the plastic lock was thinning and struggling under the holy trainer. Evan rightly informed Me so I began to look into alternative replacement locks to ensure his refrained period continues. With the plan B of finding and posting out a stronger metal lock with a longer shackle, I instructed evan to measure the length of the tunnel which accommodates the lock along with a rough idea of the diameter of the hole. “Yes Mistress,” shortly followed by an image of the device fully off and in his hand.

I was speechless. I had asked evan to measure. At no point had I explicitly instructed to remove the device. Evan has very stupidly just assumed that he was to take it off to measure.


I don’t let anything get in the way of a good night’s sleep, especially primitive idiots like evan so I waited until the following morning before having the spell out the ABC’s of chastity and WHATEVER the issue/circumstance surrounding his locking, he is to ask! Never assume and NEVER just casually snap the lock off and remove it. It makes a mockery of the whole concept and a mockery of Me. But I will have the last word as just like the last time he fucked up, he had a fine placed on him and this time is no different. Can’t pay it straight away? Not My problem. Consider visiting Me in NYC and any attention for that fact on hold until I get what I’m owed.

You will learn, evan.

Update on respectfulsub: as I type this, he’s just reached halfway towards paying for the Mayfair hotel suite for Madame Lisa & I. Only another £419 to go. He stupidly thought that cash used paying to cum would also go towards paying for the room. Haha, if that was the case, he’d produce enough the plaster the walls of the 42 squared metre suite.

Gross. Unnecessary. Not on My watch. He now realises this and has ensured My luxury comes before his stupid dick.

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