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Lies, Heels & Settling Expensive Bills

​​In response to you curious creatures who ask what I get up to in this wonderful world of kink and male submission, well here it goes. I've finally decided to make that commitment and start blogging My experiences. I feel there is no better time than after the last couple of weeks I've had. You boys are like buses. (not that I get the bus) Here's an insight and the highlights, a snapshot you could say of what it's like to be Me.


Firstly, Lies..

I'm going to start with a boy in Ohio, his name is evan. Originally made initial contact via NiteFlirt. Very much had it set in mind he was lacking direction and required a Woman who could take hold a direct him into a far more fulfilling lifestyle. On the phone, he must of not had more than 10 minutes of My time where I was direct to spell out exactly who I was, My expectations & standards before hanging up and leaving him with his now found food for thought.

Remember Ladies, it's good to hang up on these boys, their next move tells you all you need to know.

A few days went by before evan had finally had his epiphany and emailed Me asking how I would like to be tributed.

Drip, Drip, Drip, a couple of days later, I'd already received around £600 from this eager beaver.

I was also in talks with My friend Miss Ultima about visiting Her in Manhattan, NYC at the time, in a passing comment to evan, he jumped at the chance to pay for My premium flights and a couple of days later My £1k tickets were on order.

I decided to reward evan with allowing release before placing him into his shiny new Holy Trainer which took all of a minute, then click, the device was on and he was instruction to post both keys out to Me.

The following day, I decided to call a spot check on evan whilst he was at work. 'Yes Mistress,' he responded followed by a toilet selfie a couple of minutes later.

At first glance, the sight of a black plastic tube where pink flesh would be would be enough to pass, however, I am sharp and knew instantly that is was not his device. I demanded another photo along with holding a desired number of fingers up for verification.


... then came the confession. he supposedly was hot, humid & too uncomfortable to wear whilst

at work. One thing he was instantly sure of was that he was in the doghouse. Pleading and begging to resolved, I allowed him to purchase Me the Saint Laurent Tribute sandals to the tune of another £600. That will teach him not to substitute wire tubing for his device, thinking I wouldn’t know any different.

I will be sure to re-remind him of this when I see him in NYC in October.

Next, Heels..

​​A new sissy has been fortunate to discover Me and made such a positive ​impression that I have now taken her on in shaping her to become the perfect Lady, after all, We are the greater sex. Training so far has included fundamentals in how to address Me correctly, to practicing self-discipline whilst in chastity, lipstick application & sashaying in heels. During her journey, jamiegirl has inundated Me with gifts and tributes as a show of her ongoing gratitude for taking her under My wing. Most recent gratitude came in the form of her covering the full price tag of My custom-made gown which I will wear to the FemDom Ball in October.

Only a little hiccup at the start but I'm so pleased with her progress. All the time she continues to recognise & worship her superior, I'll continue to guide her .

Expensive Bills...

respectfulsub, a long term serving sub of mine is ​finally getting himself out of what was a financial shitstorm recently. he knows very well not to bother Me unless he has something to offer Me and due to all the recent vanilla financial troubles in his life, it's meant he's kept schtum, leaving Me to give My attention to boys who are currently able to earn it. The light is however at the end of the tunnel and I have him on track to pay for the suite I've booked at a Mayfair hotel in London for Myself and fellow Domme Friend, Madame Lisa when we attend the ball. Just like you would with a child, barometers and reward charts work well with certain bitches of Mine. Roll on his birthday. he's asked all his family and friends for money, knowing it’s the best way to redeem himself after what’s been a very dry couple of months from him. Who knows, I may even reward him by allowing him to sleep on the suite floor that night. Only £800 to go...

Also, I'll sign off by wishing My boy stephen a Happy 1st anniversary. It started for him by purchasing Me a pair of running trainers. Fast forward 12 months and he's happily into thousands of pounds of cash tributes and gifts with Me. Here's to another 12 months..

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