There is no greater priority than

the desires of She


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Cash Point Meets
£50 deposit
£200 minimum withdrawal 
Private Sessions
50% deposit
£250 per hour
Shopping Trips
£100 deposit
£600 minimum spend
Worn Items
From £50
discreet  postage
Online Sessions
From £60 for
15 Minutes 

Now, let's get one thing crystal clear...

You are here as a service to Me. I have My kinks and you boys will be paying to indulge with Me in them. Here you will find a list of My favourite fetishes that I may allow you to explore with Me. If they are not noted here then you may message Me to politely enquire further. 

Financial Domination

..Or 'FinDom' as it's commonly known as, is the deeply arousing and fulfilling act of handing over the single most powerful resource on this planet. Money. And I mean a lot of it. The domination of finances will included weekly financial reviews, controls & caps on your spending & hard draining to ensure as true financial submissive, you lead the most basic of lifestyles in true sacrifice to your Mistress,. 

Foot Worship

Endlessly have I been complimented on My beautiful feet. Their arches, the shape, the long toes, soft soles and their undeniable stench.  Foot worship sessions are non explicit & can include kissing, massaging, sucking, smelling, trampling, heels, nylons, domination, humiliation, food play and tickling 


Admit it, nothing else drives you as wild as being put in your place, humiliated & laughed at. The adrenaline rush that comes with being brought down a peg or two really hits home with the sub in you. What are you waiting for? I have a wicked mind and a sharp tongue ready to be unleashed upon you. 

Role Play

What goes on in the deep depths of your mind can be brought to reality and made oh so real. My imagination will take that long lusted fantasy and make it into an experience that will stay with you a very long time. The first step is to discuss it with Me and I'll take the rest from there..

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Tease and Denial

Nothing drives you wilder than being led on, and at then when you are on the cusp of imploding, you're dropped, rejected and denied. What a twisted little game this becomes when you just keep returning for more and more, maybe this time She'll say yes.... maybe? 


When you adore the power and beauty of a Woman that you desire to be one, even if for just one day. Come and indulge in the finer things that accompany being the better sex. Make up, dress and play in confidence with a Mistress who will draw the inner Lady (or slut) out of you. 


Making the world a better place, one locked member at a time. W/we both know its the perfect prescription for putting you in keeping you in line. Remove all that unnecessary freedom and watch you become a docile, obedient and completely malleable little puppet, after all, you wouldn't want Me to 'lose' the key now, would you? 


The male psyche is simple and effortless to penetrate. How amusing I find it when I start to dig deep and watch you unravel before Me. Sensual mental fuckery leaves you feeling at your most exposed and vulnerable, just how I like you. There is no bounds to how lost you'll become in Me.

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And maybe more......