There is no greater priority than

the desires of She


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A career woman who indulges in extra curricular activities to get Her kicks. Boys are My toys and Female Domination is the name of the game. 

Refined, educated, gracious & with a firm hand, I am the essence of an English Rose. Having explored kink for almost a decade, I am self assured in My place within the scene and the ongoing opportunities it brings Me.

With My slender frame, long brown locks and timeless smile, I've taken the hearts, wallets and souls of many a weakened boy. 

You will address Me as 'Mistress' at all times and have no less than impeccable manners and the continuous drive to serve and impress. 

You are here with the sole purpose to benefit and enrich what is already a fruitful and pleasurable lifestyle.

Understandably, My time is precious and limited, therefore it costs. There is no male who I would class as as exempt from this fundamental rule. 

I am highly selective as to who I associate Myself with and strongly believe in first impressions. 

In return you will be keeping exceptional company, a Lady who will guide you through the lifestyle, according to Her. You will, learn, develop & progress under My rule. You will hand all aspects of your life to Me for remoulding and discover new depths of submissiveness that brings you such fulfilment. 

  • Height: 5ft 7'

  • UK Shoe: Size: 7

  • Bra Size: 34C

  • Panty Size: M/10

  • Clothing Size: 10

  • Birthday: 18th May

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

  • Ethnicity: White British


Mistress Loves....

Male submission, in it's many wonderful forms but especially in cash and gifts. Over the years, I've taken thousands upon thousands of pounds from paypigs, financial slaves and adoring submissives. The high I get from being handed what took to so long and hard to earn is just unparalleled. Come and play your part in My ultimate thrill.