She Controls

Welcome to domination with Miss Rose

London to Brighton & Beyond

Deserve to serve?

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I'm not your wife
I'm not your lover
I am your Mistress

Far from the woman you married. I may have that Stepford Wives appearance but you would be simple to assume I'm as such. There's only one person here who will be wearing the apron. 

That unrequited love is what will drive you. This is no ordinary relationship. You will be used for the sole purpose of My pleasure. Does that upset you? Go find a date. 

The Female Boss, The Lady who will lead and remould you. Step in line, quickly as you are all replaceable. Use your initiative to stand out from the crowd to a Femme Fetale who is highly desired by many. 

Travel Dates:

Belgravia 27th-30th January

The Original English Rose

I discovered the submissive male from a young age and instantly found My calling. The pleasure I receive from submission and servitude is unparalleled. 

I am a natural teacher, mentor and disciplinarian. Those fortunate enough to be accepted will quickly discover the benefits of a Female led lifestyle and just how fulfilling it is the be under the controls of such a wonderful Mistress.

Be prepared to learn, to change & to sacrifice the man you originally thought you were.

Be prepared to serve. Are you worthy?

Your Journey Starts Here

From the moment you approach Me, your life will take a new, exciting and satisfying direction with Me. Be prepared to fully submit and dedicate yourself to Me. Living the submissive life of servitude to such a wonderful Mistress will complete what has been an otherwise lacklustre being. 

Prove yourself worthy and earn My trust, favour and rewards. The Ultimate reward? The day I collar you, with it's freshly smelling leather and shiny engraved tag, it's a symbol that you belong to Me & therefore to be worn with pride.​

Only a select few will succeed.